Stamp Duty Refund process

So things haven’t been as perfect as you would have expected with your registration procedure and to make things worse you have already paid stamp duty to the state. Since you are right now reading this I will make a wild guess and deduce that you wish to have your stamp duty refunded. Good for you however there’s a slight problem, the first thing you need to realise is that your money has already been received by the state government and the second thing is that to get it back from them wouldn’t be any less of a mean feat. So how to go about it?

The whole of the stamp duty refund procedure could be described into two general steps:

Step 1: Filing a stamp duty refund application.
Step 2: Dedicated follow up.

Step 1. Stamp duty refund application (Maharashtra)

To file a stamp duty refund application you have to complete an online procedure and an offline procedure.

Online procedure: To complete the online procedure you could go to state government’s Department of Registration and Stamps website. Complete the form and download a copy for printout. After that you can begin with the offline procedure.


Offline procedure: To complete the offline procedure you will need to download various forms from IGR Maharashtra’s official website or download a copy from here. (Please note that forms have been made available here for your convenience and our website make no claim to have updated copies of the same. Please use your own discretion for the same.)

i) Application form
ii) Jabab
iii) Checklist
iv) Receipt for the Value of stamps (Two Copies)
v) Affidavit
vi) Pratidnyapatra

Besides the aforementioned list which should be filled by you completely, you will further need some other documents, which are as following:

vii) Photocopy of I.D. (Preferably Pan Card)
viii) Original Gras Challan/Simple receipt Challan or ESBTR certificate
ix) A draft of the Agreement which you couldn’t register or Cancelled Agreement
x) A cancelled cheque of the account where you wish to receive
the refunded stamp duty and registration fee amount

Attach all the downloaded forms and rest of the documents together and create a file. Create two more photocopies of all the completed forms and attached documents. One photocopy will be attached with the file itself which you are to submit with the officials. The other photocopy will serve as your acknowledgement.

Step 2: Dedicated follow up.

Filing of the stamp duty application is but the beginning you will need to maintain consistent and dedicated followup of the concerned government office. Make sure that no additional requirements are asked of you by the concerned office. Usually there is a deduction of Rs. 1000/- (max) only out of your stamp duty and registration fees and the rest is refunded to you sometimes the application is rejected.

Those of you who intend to file stamp duty refund application, we hope that you have been informed about the basics properly and sincerely wish that you do get your Stamp duty & Registration fees amount back. You could check if you are eligible for stamp duty refund from here: Are you eligible for stamp duty refund? Thank you for reading.

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