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Stamp Duty Refund process

So things haven’t been as perfect as you would have expected with your registration procedure and to make things worse you have already paid stamp duty to the state. Since you are right now on this page I will make a wild guess and deduce that you wish to have your stamp duty refunded. Good for you however there’s a slight problem, the first thing you need to realise is that your money has already been received by the state government and the second thing is that to get it back from them wouldn’t be any less of a mean feat. So how to go about it? continue reading...


Stamp Duty is refundable on which documents?

Does stipulations for stamp duty refund change according to the documents? Are registered documents eligible for stamp duty? continue reading...


Difference between agreements and deeds

Why are agreements favored for stamp duty refund and not deeds? What is the basic difference between these two? read to know more continue reading...

What is
We are a facilitation service for stamp duty refund. We help you prepare all the documents for stamp duty refund application. File them & follow up with concerned government's office until you receive your stamp duty amount back.

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